Sunday, April 28, 2013

Doctor Who - The Justice of Jalxar Review

Doctor Who:
The Justice of Jalxar
By John Dorney
Starring Tom Baker & Mary Tamm
With Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter as Jago and Lightfoot.

The Doctor and Romana have arrived in London at a time The Doctor has been before and his suspicions are satisfied when he bumps into Jago and Lightfoot.  The last time The Doctor has seen them was with that nasty business with Weing – Chiang.   They inform The Doctor that there is a vigilante on the loose and his brand of justice is killing the criminal.  But what The Doctor discovers is that they means that the vigilante is doing this is with alien technology.  So its up to The Doctor and Romana to figure out what to do about the vigilante and his alien tech before a full scale mob war ensures.

I thought The Justice of Jalxar was ok.  It just did not grab me. The aspect of a vigilante taking the law in his own hands and using an alien robot would cause for an exciting story.  But I did not find it that way.  I found the story to be average at best and very predictable.   I had no trouble figuring out what would happen at the end and that it came as no surprise was really disappointing.

What I did enjoy was the interaction between Jago and Lightfoot and The Doctor.  It was like it was in The Talons of Weing – Chiang.  This was the high point of this story and really made up for the mediocre story.   It was really good to listen to these three act together again and they seem to have a good chemistry with Mary Tamm also.   Unfortunately that is the only thing I found enjoyable about this story and hopefully the next one in the series will be better.

Grade D

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