Friday, January 10, 2014

Doctor Who - Moffat On Capaldi's Doctor and A River Song Return

Well so much for a new direction as Steven Moffat has been mulling over bringing back Alex Kingston as River Song.  This new rumor is the latest for Series 8 but I can see it being held till Series 9 but you know Steven Moffat he likes to throw the kitchen sink into a series.  But anyway the news about what he has planned for the new Doctor and Clara seems to be interesting and that is always something to look forward to when the show returns in 2014.  Here is what the Moff has to say.

On The Doctor and Clara.

Now we're going to give her a Doctor who's not like that at all [The Eleventh Doctor], who's a much older, fiercer, madder, less reliable Doctor, who leads her a merry dance. And she's trying to keep him a secret and she's now working in a school...
On a River Song return.

 I'm slightly tempted, because I imagine Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston would be absolutely hilarious together...
Source: IO9

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